7 Secrets To Building A Winning Culture

Wayne Dyson

How to build winning cultures

Achieving A Winning Culture Is Every Leader's Dream

Building a winning culture is a topic that is dear to all our hearts, as business owners, CEO's, leaders or consultants. So Wayne Dyson, a member of The Network of Consulting Professionals is bringing together 4 award winning leaders at the next Bridgeworks "Leaders In Action" breakfast forum. The panelists will present their experiences. And they will share their insights and their “recipes” for building engaged high performing teams. Every organisation leader and business owner would love to build a highly engaged, productive culture that achieves amazing results and turns a great vision into a brilliant reality. Yet it can be difficult to get a team to work seamlessly and truly collaborate to achieve the company goals. The 4 speakers have made it work. Their achievements have already been publicly recognised by business awards. Now YOU have the opportunity to hear their secrets at Bridgeworks' breakfast forum on Friday April 5.

Know Key Success Factors In Building A Winning Culture

Get practical tips on

  1. Defining and communicating the “purpose” of your organisation
  2. Communicating a vision and ambition
  3. Developing a sense of ownership of the goals and accountability
  4. Sharing values Bottom-Up and Top-Down and feeling strongly responsible for those values
  5. Treating staff and team members as customers
  6. Making every staff member special
  7. Developing trust, understanding and team agility

Everyone loves being part of something great, and is keen to play a role in that greatness. So it all starts from The leaders of an organization or team need to be able to create a clear vision and to sell the Dream. This breakfast forum is the perfect occasion to discuss experiences, challenges, get insights and be inspired by the 4 panelists (and other leaders in the room).

Forum of CEOs & DirectorsWITH
Tony McGinn - Founder and Chair of MCM Entertainment; Principal, The McGinn PartnershipPaul Serong - Managing Director – CAC
Peter Sutton - CEO of Sutton Tools
Trisca Scott-Branagan - Head of Marketing, Institutional – ANZCrown Palladium – River Room - Friday 5th April 7.15-8.55am

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