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Qualities of an NCP member

Messaging tips: Highest calibre of senior consultants - elite but welcoming and inclusive - find a balance in the messaging.
Females are less likely to apply for roles unless they meet / exceed requirements for positions - alleviate this to a degree. Welcoming, supporting members thoguhtout the process
Open to those who demonstrate the right potential
Proven skills
Minimum 5-10 years general business experience • and/or 2-3 years success as a principal consultant • Significant experience at senior management level • Command senior executives’ respect • Strong communication and rapport building skills
Success attitude
• A self-starter, independently successful
• Open to new ideas and inputs
• Highly motivated and disciplined to work autonomously
• Discipline to follow up to a close
• Proactively self-promote subtly and effectively
• Willing to contribute a once-off fair financial contribution
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