We work together to help businesses meet their challenges

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Our systems, processes and methodologies give our members what they need to establish long term relationships with clients

How we help our members
Proven processes

The NCP provides members with agreements, diagnostics, guidelines, tools, scripts - everything you need to build a successful consultancy practice
Business skills and experience

All our members have many years proven and successful experience in senior management, typically at Director or ‘C’ level. You are supported by experts!
Honest guidance and advice

Our members commit to deliver support within their experience and capabilities. So having colleagues with every type of experience ensures we can always help
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Specialist resources

No-one can be an expert in every business area. Your colleagues and their resources ensure you can always help your client, whatever the challenge
Continuing professional development

The NCP runs training, events and forums for our members to ensure you stay across the latest developments in business theory and practice
Fresh perspectives

Be constantly challenged as well as supported by like-minded colleagues who have between them centuries of experience and knowledge and are always happy to share

Working independently can be difficult as well as rewarding. The NCP supports you at every stage of your journey.
We take your success personally!

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