Collaborative Solutions Raise The Game

Heiner Karst

This collaborative network is the perfect extension of my value proposition to clients...

There are times when a collaborative solution is the way to go. As a Executive Life Coach and Business Mentor, I have been supporting business executives, business owners and business professionals to significantly “raise their game” for over 10 years. Together my clients and I have achieved some outstanding results. However, nobody can possibly do justice to all of a client’s requirements. In most successful client - coach – mentor relationships, we come across issues or opportunities that require solid, in depth expertise from relevant experience. My most rewarding association with members of the NCP has enabled me to provide my clients such specifically tailored solutions that I was not sufficiently armed to provide on my own.

Successful Collaborative Network Solutions

How? By being able to refer the right, professionally equipped resource to quickly and effectively understand and solve my client’s problem, while I still maintained assurance of the expected outcomes. Why? Because all the relevant context, backgrounds, relationships and understanding can be managed by all three parties in my client’s best interests, as well as satisfying our own. In this way, this collaborative network of proven and trusted professionals is the perfect extension of my value proposition to my clients. If you are a business professional looking to extend the reach of your business through a network of trusted professionals that will take your and your clients success personally, I can think of no better organisation to refer you to than The Network of Consulting Professionals. I know that you will be impressed with what you find when you engage.Read more feedback from members and clients

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