Facing Business Problems? 3 Steps To A Real Solution

David Grieve

business problems pressure on business owner

Being a business owner is often a lonely place. Business owners seem to be confronted daily with new or recurring issues in running their businesses. All too often these business problems feel insurmountable with no simple solution.Whether it is the business failing overall, parts of it not performing, or relationships at work deteriorating, the problems continue to mount.

So, What Is Your First Step?

I have seen many business owners refusing to admit that there they have a problem. This is despite it being obvious to everybody around them and even themselves, although they still refuse to confront it! This can be due to ego, ignorance, incompetence or an unwillingness to face reality. It will not go away and is probably only going to get worse and become more complicated. Staff and customers will begin to question your judgement and leadership.The first step is to admit that you have a problem either to yourself, your family or your staff. This is essential.

And The Second Step To Solving Your Business Problems?

Often a failing business person will try and justify the failure – it’s the market, it’s the internet, it’s poor quality of staff and so on. Therefore, the second step is critical as it will determine whether you successfully resolve the problem or continue to fail to resolve the problem. The second step is to take action. It is only a problem or a failure if it continues. The key to success is to take a few steps that will not allow you to justify the problem.Do not identify an external reason for the problem as this is a "cop out". You are disowning the problem – "it’s the economy", "it’s the high exchange rate", "it’s poor staff".As Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."The quote above which implies we must change something to get the desired result, the status quo is not an option. Using personal fitness as an example, the hardest step in improving your fitness is putting on your gym gear. By taking the second step you are on the way to solving the problem. Momentum has now commenced, and this will help solve other problems, both now and in the future.

Finally, Your Third Step To A Durable Solution

There is no shame in recognising business problems or failure, providing you do something about it. Learning from mistakes is only common sense.Putting a bandaid on your pain point is not a real durable solution. Using external and experienced advice can facilitate a real change in business performance. Great sportsmen and women have coaches. That is not a sign of failure, that is a sign of wanting to do better and better, to push current boundaries of skills and/or time to reach higher levels of success. A good business advisor will help you eliminate performance blockers, energy and time wasters. When you need a business mentor, business coach, generalist or specialist consultant, you want to get the support of someone you can trust. You need a proven performance builder who has been in your shoes and can understand your perspective, as well as remove your blindspots and/or blinkers. Call us directly or via the Contact page to meet me or another member of The Network Of Consulting Professionals.Connect me

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