Government Grants You Are Missing Out On

David Grieve

How to get more government grants

Are you getting the government grants which you could obtain? If the answer is no, how do you go about getting them? Member of The NCP David Grieve reviews your options here. If you’re confused about government grants, you’re not the only one. Many Australian business owners believe that the process is overly bureaucratic and confusing and that they are likely to get a "No" in any case. In truth, with the right help (which needn’t cost you anything out of pocket), it can be a lot easier than you might expect. Actually you can be fairly confident that your application will be successful, too .

You May Qualify For A Government Grant

Both Federal and State Governments provide grants for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), specifically targeting businesses that do one or more of these things:

  • Export;
  • Manufacture;
  • Undertake research and development;
  • Technologically innovate;
  • Are in food/agribusiness, energy and resources, logistics or medical technologies.

The Main Types Of Government Grants

Four of the available grants are:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Growth;
  • R&D Tax Incentive – rebate;
  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG);
  • Infrastructure Grants.

Every state government in Australia has various levels and types of grants. In Victoria, for example, grants are available for SMEs – You can find listed at They range from $4,000 in the Grow Your Business program right to up to $350,000 for the Government Technology Innovation Fund. At a Federal level, there is the Federal Entrepreneur’s Infrastructure Program (EIP), which offers up to $20,000 (50% of the cost) to engage a consultant for specific industries and other grants such as R&D and Export Market Development Grants and can be found on the following site: example, through the Federal Government’s EIP program, SMEs can obtain grants to help them increase productivity and competitiveness, offering not just funding but access to a national network of private sector advisors and facilitators. Business owners can apply to get free expert advice on their ventures to address knowledge gaps and accelerate growth. The Federal Government also offers tax offsets for original research and development.

How To Make Sure You Qualify

So what’s the next step? There are advisers available who will help you through the process, typically getting paid only if and when your grant application is successful – in other words, no win, no fee. And the best of them are experienced and well-connected enough to know with a fair degree of confidence whether your application will be successful or not – after all, if they’re not going to get paid if it isn’t, it’s very much in their interest to make sure that you qualify! Discuss your options for a government grant with David Grieve; he can put you in touch with a range of independent advisers for an obligation-free discussion.Contact DAVID GRIEVE HERE or directly.

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