Hiring Or Outsourcing Telesales? Consider Your Best Options

Ashleigh Alsadie

Outsourcing telesales may increase your sales performance

Could Outsourcing Telesales Free Your Time For Better Results?

Were you, like many business owners, madly chasing the last sales to invoice as much as possible in June? Are you personally chasing sales again this month? Is cold calling the best use of your time, now and throughout the year? Should you be outsourcing telesales or should you hire someone?The reality is that a Business Owner’s true value does not lie in sitting in the office developing new sales strategies, creating new sales collateral, or cold calling prospects to generate new business opportunities. You create the most value when you can focus on your core business and delivering more value to your current Client base. For that you must be already confident that you have warm prospects consistently flowing through your sales pipeline.And it is also time to decide how to secure new sales leads and grow business this new year more efficiently than this past financial year.

Recruiting Successful Sales People IS A Challenge

For some business owners, the answer of hiring an internal sales person comes to them easily. They know that they can then manage them day to day.But are you, like many Business Owners, shuddering at the thought of hiring a sales person? They see the lengthy process that lies before them, and understand that an employee costs more than just a salary. Indeed you need to allocate a copious amount of time and energy for the recruitment process. And again for training, managing and monitoring performance. Most importantly, there is also the time it takes for new sales people to actually become productive. That time is usually 3 months – that’s if they do well at all!One of the biggest challenges for a business is recruiting successful sales people. Through outsourcing telesales though, a Business Owner no longer has to worry about trying to find, or develop such a person. Business owners can also reap the benefits of highly talented sales people, for less than the fully loaded costs of actually employing them directly.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Outsourcing A Telesales Person

The benefits of outsourcing telesales people include:

  • Gone is the risk of an internal sales person leaving your Company and taking your Intellectual Property with them
  • Your outsourced sales person can still appear to be your employee. Setting up a company email address and phone number make the process look seamless to any prospect.
  • You can still create a ‘one voice’ mentality with this sales resource. All it takes is a period of good preparation and planning prior to the commencement of calling
  • When you utilise the services of a local telesales firm, you will mostly find that they only hire very experienced sales people with a good track record. And they never work from a script.

Plan Now To Be More Effective This Year

When thinking about sales strategies for the new financial year, outsourcing a telesales team should be part of the plan. You can outsource a highly effective sales resource, one that has all of the core competencies to be a winning performer for your Organisation. And they can focus entirely on getting you in front of genuine opportunities – freeing you up to convert interested prospects, and focus on your core business and Clients.For more information and to evaluate the best options to boost your sales success, book an appointment now

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