New Year, New Road To A Successful Business

Françoise Garnier

2017 is only 2 weeks away! Are you ready to start it with enthusiasm, fully motivated to build a successful business? Whatever our motivation and objectives, whatever our age, you like me and the members of The Network Of Consulting Professionals have the ambition to build a thriving business. But do we actually approach the challenge with the right mindset and attitude?

Take A Fresh Look At How You Are Going To Lead In 2017

I don't know about you, but I like to allocate some time between Christmas and the New Year to get my business life in order. That means tying up loose ends, tidying up the office, and refreshing my approach to leading my marketing consultancy into a successful business. I like to get re-energised by reading /listening /watching authors and public speakers who present new perspectives with passion. Many people have their own "recipe" for success. Few are as inspiring as Simon Sinek, an author and brilliant motivational speaker who writes on leadership and management. Every one of his presentations is energising and gives an opportunity to think and do things differently. His talk about "The Golden Circle" of human motivation is one of the most popular TED talks. Our colleague William Heine introduced it and its concepts earlier this year. You can read more about it in the post Startups: The Six Best Friends You’ll Ever Have.

Simon Sinek's 10 Rules For Building A Successful Business

During a recent Internet search, I found a great compilation of various extracts of talks by Simon Sinek. The 52-minute video was posted on YouTube by Evan Carmichael. It is a good way of linking key concepts that can boost the energy you put into your success from Day 1 in 2017. Whilst the following list of Simon's "rules" summarises the elements of the video for quick reference, it cannot have the inspiring value of the actual videos.

  • BREAK rules (daring to think differently)
  • TRAIN your mind (from being nervous to being excited, energised and effectively focused)
  • Be PATIENT (it is a journey, don't quit because it is tough or slow)
  • Take ACCOUNTABILITY (sometimes you are the cause of the problem, recognise it)
  • Outdo YOURSELF (rather than your competition)
  • STACK the deck (putting yourself in a position of strength)
  • Be the LAST to speak (it adds power to knowing to listen)
  • Be AUTHENTIC (a prerequisite to form trust; stop being authentic and you'll lose the trust)
  • Find your PASSION (what gets you our of bed every morning, with a spring in your step)
  • Start with the WHY (not the features of your product or service; your WHY = your purpose, your belief as a leader)

To watch, click on this link Simon Sinek - 10 rules of successWhat a great feeling when you are the leader of an increasingly successful business! Block some time in your calendar to prepare 2017 so you can start the year strongly.

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