Professionals Building Valued Partnerships

John Smith

Collaborating with true professionals is the way to strengthen our clients’ competitive edge...

I"ve Avoided The Loneliness Of The Solopreneur

When I first considered going into consulting I feared the loneliness of working by myself. Through this network, I am surrounded by other like-minded, collaborative professionals. These professionals are not only fantastic to work with, they really know their stuff. My clients know that they not only engage me, they have access to an established network of experts who support me and my clients business. These experts are available when needed to address just about any business need. I often get asked “Is there someone in your network that can help me with……..”

Together we support and strengthen small and large customers. Collaborating with such experienced professionals has extended the length of my standard 12 month assignments to 4, 5, 6 and even 7 years meaning more profitable and meaningful work for me.

An Example Of A Valued Professionals Partnership

One of my long term clients is an industry leader managing growth in Australia and Asia. The General Manager was looking for some sort of business and leadership support. He knew me and felt I was a good fit as an independent advisor for his business. Now he also values the team of professionals I am introducing to support his business and his team. He talks about how they’re committed and driven to ensuring his business’ success. He credits some of his team’s enduring high performance to the quality of our own people, and to how they use the tools we share and deliver the programs we develop. Our network of consulting professionals continue to support his Australian operations and we are also helping him build a team in Asia. In his words he sees us as “an integral part of his business’ story".

John Smith

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