Startup Clients Value Professional Advice

Steve Carey

Sharing about our business helped to get a structured evaluation of our internal workings

Professional Advice Can Make A Big Difference

Bradley Taylor, Co-founder at Bridge ( made the following comment highlighting the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes on a startup business:"A startup knows to get feedback on its product early, but, sometimes we don't take this good advice to heart when reflecting on our internal business structure, strategy and vision. Being able to share about our business with Dr Steve Carey from the 'Network of Consulting Professionals' helped to get a structured evaluation of our internal workings from an outside perspective. Of particular value was being able to understand how we might improve communications to investors and other stakeholders. During our time together we also explored a potentially unmet need in our customer base that could be lucrative for our business and of genuine benefit to our customers."

Lift The Weight off Your Shoulders

Priya George, CEO and Co-Founder of Nimis Pro, also found great value in spending some time reviewing her young business with Dr Carey. "I did say thank you already, but I want to say it again......the session was incredible. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and clearer in my focus"If you have a business still in its startup phase, or are about to launch a new business, you may benefit from the expert advice and business wisdom shared by Dr Carey or other members of The Network Of Consulting Professionals during a business review session. Simply send us an enquiry form or contact Dr Carey on on 0423 793887 Read more feedback from members and clients

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