Significant debts, staffing issues, ownership issues, etc.

The Accountants had been visiting regularly and recommending stern action...

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In short, they had significant debts, staffing issues, ownership issues, stock, inventory & a website which needed sharpening and low Sales.

The Accountants had been visiting regularly and recommending action. We agreed that we would meet twice a week to

see what had transpired the previous days.

We agreed on nearly all things:

1.    Communicate all best-known information to staff, suppliers, customers and


2.    Prioritise Revenue as the No.1 ticket item using Sales emails / Website / Government handouts / loans / & snappy wording on discounts for loyalty

3.    Have a review at Easter of what is working / what is the plan.

We agreed to pay bills only on Tuesdays. All concentration was on Sales Wed-

Sun.....and supply/logistics/old stock.We had four flashpoints; major-supplier finance decision; logistics company error; ill-health of one staff member; one piece of Accounting advice.

Sales in May 2020 were at 2016 Levels after three years of low sales due to many factors.

At a recent conversation, there is a possibility of a New ownership structure; website upgrade and continued repayments of old debts in a slow, appropriate fashion. 


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