An Ideal Recipe For Brand Building

Françoise Garnier

The NCP makes my brand building job much better for my clients, my colleagues and me...

An Integrated Plan Is A Must

There is a lot more to brand building than advertising! A solid brand strategy has to take into account the health of the whole organisation and its capability to deliver a consistent brand experience 100% aligned with the brand strategy.As a solo brand and marketing specialist, I could only flag business issues and recommend that business owners address them one by one. Then it could become very frustrating to watch an often slow disjointed progress prevent them from gaining a valuable competitive edge fast enough.

Using The brand building Power Of Our Virtual Team

Powering-up people and brands is my passion, teaming-up with others in the process is my delight. The Network Of Consulting Professionals provides the context of trust, aligned values, and complementary expertise that makes teamwork easy, enjoyable and effective for our clients. We can offer well articulated complementary packages that boost an organisation's capability to grow their brand more effectively and efficiently than if they ran disjointed projects. The resulting customer satisfaction and created opportunities also strengthen our own consulting professional brands.

An Example of A Joint Brand Building Solution

During my brand workshops I identify the current and future blockers of sustainable growth. At the request of a member of The NCP, I conducted a brand review for a not-for-profit preparing for a dramatic change in market dynamics. It identified that, to build a healthy brand and survive the market change, the client needs more than a new website! It needs to revamp its admin processes, break down internal information silos and implement an effective customer retention solution. I knew just the right specialist to create the right solution! This project led that specialist to develop and launch a smart CRM industry solution. It is tightly woven with a brand building package preparing and equipping our clients for their new market conditions. Without the network, it would not have happened.

Françoise Garnier

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