How To Engage With More Customers

Gordon Smith

Listening to turn prospects into customers

It Is All About Finding The Needs Gap

Why would a prospect buy from you if they don't feel they have a problem and if they are happy with the current situation? Of course they wouldn't, so if you want to win more customers over, your challenge is to find the needs gap. That is the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. You've got to take them from happy to unhappy with where they are right now, and keen to get it fixed... with you. Only then can you turn prospects into customers

The 7 Steps Of The ‘VIPCHAT©’ Engagement Process

This is not about doing a hard sell. This is about finding the information that allows you to add value and to help your prospect achieve their goals. In fact this process works equally well for not-for-profit organisations and for businesses. The key to success is effective questioning and effective listening. These are the two most important skills you need. Ask the right questions and listen effectively to the verbal and non-verbal cues. The 7 Steps for a Beneficial ConversationV - Generate interest via your Value messagesI - Use Icebreakers and clearly express your IntentP - Probe the PainC - Control the conversation to confirm and explore the pain pointH - Generate Hope throughout the conversationA - Identify the Assistance they have already received T - Provide a clear Take away and call to actionYour role is to be a good listener and a problem solver. For that, you need to ask questions that are non-threatening and lead to more than a yes/no answer.

Getting More Customers, Where To From Here?

Done well, this process builds hope that the issue will be solved and trust that you can provide the solution (alone or with others). You will of course have to close the sale and that will be easy if you use this structured process. "Practice makes perfect" as the saying goes. Practice until you ask questions better than anyone else and listen better than anyone else. Contact us to know more about this process and training or coaching options for your teams to find the opportunities to help your customers achieve their vision.

Gordon Smith, William Heine

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