My Career Path To A New Lease On Life

Craig Nenke

career path new direction with The NCP

Has your career path led you to getting stuck in a rut? When that happened to me I decide to get out of the rut and find a new lease on life! The only stupid boss I want to work for is myself.

A Career Path To Happiness or ....Maybe Not?

You have been working for twenty years or more, successful and reasonably well paid. Indeed you haven’t stood still! Your career path has seen you work across a number of industries in a range of jobs. You’ve managed all kinds of teams. Generally your performance generates great feedback. In fact, you could probably keep working for years, taking your (more infrequent) opportunities as they come up. Future is bright, right? But there is only one nagging problem: let's admit it, you are miserable.Not miserable occasionally, but miserable most of the time. You are in a professional rut. (And we know deep down that a professional rut leads to a personal one). You want to keep moving at some pace but you know your current organisation won’t be able to offer that. (Unfortunately, most Aussie firms don’t seem to act like they do in HBR articles!) As you get older, you are concerned that you will get passed over for younger versions anyway. Already you feel like you are really contributing to less than what you could. So you have the impression that you are losing touch and confidence; could it be (you reflect) that you were never much good anyway?

Saving Yourself From The Rut

The way out is to own your career path. Don’t blame your age, organisation, boss, staff or anyone else for your future. Take it in your own hands. First, make sure your finances are in order (and your significant others are on-board) and then make a break. You owe yourself a change! Yes, there are organisations out there that need your help! Well, not necessarily as an employee sitting there all day; but even better, as a business advisor, coach and consultant. 7 tips from someone who feared then dared

  • Think of the next 10-15 years of your working life – not the next few weeks.
  • Work out some simple messages that answer that critical question "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO NEXT?"
  • Reconnect with your network.
  • Step out of your comfort zone a bit. Look at people and smile a bit more.
  • Be more forthright and assertive in your conversations.
  • Be prepared to dare! Yes, you will make mistakes and you'll fail a bit more often that you are used to. So what? Remember all that you have learned about "resilience" and a "growth mindset"? Now you can, and will need to, put into practice!

You Can Enjoy Your New Career Path

What comes next is always up to you. Let me assure you that you can cross off two worries that may make you hesitate: Firstly, you can replace the loneliness of the solo business adviser, by a sense of support, and shared strength and success. And it is enjoyable to do your own thing and still have a like-minded team around you; one you can call when you need additional specialised skills for a project; or simply to get constructive feedback from someone who cares about your success.With The NCP’s help, you will

  • find multiple clients more easily
  • help them better solve their business pain,
  • have scope to explore many new ideas,
  • and work with the people with whom you want to work!

Within reason, you will make as much money as you want to make. Trust my own experience, you’ll get out of that miserable state! And what’s more, the only stupid boss you have, is yourself…If you genuinely wish you could achieve that kind of outcome, take the next convenient networking opportunity to connect with us. Come to our next meet-and-greet casual event. It is free and obligation-free Enquire & Book now

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