A New Paradigm In Recruitment And Interviewing?

Bruce Ridge

Those (recruitment) questions don’t predict anything. They serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart
- Laszlo Bock -

We have all been exposed to both sides of the recruitment process and maybe for a longtime felt that there was something unrealistic about the process.

Is The Classic Recruitment Model Failing?

The following articles and research indicate where the classic model isn’t working. For instance in an interview Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations Laszlo Bock commented in June 2013 that Google has found that their interview process doesn’t correlate to performance on the job. how-google-hires-peopleSimilarly, Ernst and Young have removed degrees from entry requirement after an internal review they conducted in 2015. ernst-and-young-removes-degree-classification-entry-criteriaTheir example is being followed by others in 2016Penguin Random HouseAnother study in 2010 by IBM from 4,000 CEO’s, indicated that creativity was the single most important criteria for their business.What are members thoughts and experience? What do you recommend to clients?

Bruce Ridge

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Bruce Ridge, member of The NCP
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