Setting Goals And Planning For Success

Heiner Karst

setting goals

Who has been setting goals for this year?

Do you actually have goals? What have you done with them? Have you written them ... and filed them away? or have you gone beyond setting goals, have you worked out a solid plan to achieve them? If you have a proper plan, congratulations! you are one of very few people who do so. If you have not, it is never too late to set out goals and make them happen.

How many ways could you turbo-charge your goals?

Could you increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by 85% or more? Could you help your clients turbo-charge their own goals to that extent? Just setting goals will not make them happen! First, decide what really matters across the different aspects of your life and formally choose what you want to address/strengthen/leverage in each of these areas. Remember, balance is important! Then, set up some Result Goals and some Activity Goals for what you see as very important to you, for what you strongly want. Translate that into a series of simple tables of goals by quarter, month, and then WEEK and days. The model that Heiner uses is centered around the week, reflecting on the outcomes of the previous week, what is scheduled for the coming week, what needs to be added and how it is going to be executed. Planning in scenarios is also recommended by Heiner who quoted examples from Richard Branson's book "Screw it let's do it".

Luck is Spelt W.O.R.K

Be positive, specific, program your brain, tell others of your goal and commitment to it. Personal experience examples highlighted the opportunities we have to actually achieve our expected outcomes.

Heiner Karst

To go deeper into this subject, and access the tools and formats that Heiner presented, read Heiner's handout (member's only) and/or go to You will find there at least 8 posts on the theme of setting goals, and achieving them. If you need one-to-one help get in touch with Heiner

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