The Trust Triangle: Protection For All

Heiner Karst

Responsibility and Trust -- these two are like Yin and Yang, together perfectly complete, and each one requiring the presence of the other.
- Vera Nazarian -

The Basis For Trust

One of the reasons the professionals in our network like to refer work between each other is that there is a proven track record of meeting and exceeding each other’s’ (and hence their clients’) expectations. We have learned not only to respect each other, but more importantly to trust each other. We know that the other is good for their word;

  • that if they say they will do something, that they will
  • that if they say they can do something, that they can
  • that if they say they can’t do something, it’s because they have their associates interests at heart as well as their client’s interests at heart; something none of us would ever jeopardize.

Why?Because it takes years of experience to build a track record and a reputation and sometimes just minutes to break that.

The Dynamics Of A Trust Triangle

Let me explain by way of an example:Peter is a real estate agent.Maddie is a mortgage broker.Peter and Maddie have known and worked with each other for years. They have a proven track record of under promising and over delivering between them and those they have referred business to.Peter is in the process of selling an investment property to an old schoolmate, Jonathan. Jonathan has expressed his scepticism towards financial planners and also mortgage brokers. He is also quite “tight” and isn’t sure he will have sufficient criteria to obtain the finance he needs for this deal. Peter recommends Jonathan talks with Maddie.In doing so, Peter transfers the degree of respect and trust:that already exists between him and Maddiethat already exists between him and Jonathanon to the expected relationship between Jonathan and Maddie.Now that doesn’t mean that Jonathan shouldn’t do his normal degree of due diligence, because after all, no matter what anyone recommends or advises, the ultimate decision (meaning the ultimate success or failure) rests with nobody but Jonathan and his decision, right?But think about it. If Peter weren’t absolutely sure of Maddie, would he risk a referral or recommendation? Of course not. Why? Because Maddie screwing up would not only reflect badly on Maddie but also on him. And that would affect his relationship with Jonathan also.Logical, isn’t it? But it also sits both morally and emotionally right too, doesn’t it?This is what I call the trust triangle.

The Outcomes Of The Trust Triangle Put In Practice

Trust is earned. Over time. With consistency and continuity of good results. It is transferable. Provided everyone keeps playing the game at the expected level.This is one of our fundamental edicts of the collaborative life of being a member of The Network of Consulting Professionals. Can I truthfully say that I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend any and every member of this network to my clients or prospects? No. Why? Because I haven’t worked with everyone of them (yet). But I would certainly be far more willing to referring them than others outside of this network (after doing my own homework sufficiently of course), simply because I know that we don’t accept everyone that applies for membership.That’s also why a large portion of members I associate with a lot have become good friends of mine.

Trust is a great force multiplier.
Tom Ridge

To me this trust triangle approach is alive and well proven in our network. This is what we mean when we talk about strengthening each other. We trust each other. We confidently vouch for each other. Because we know none of us will jeopardize another’s outcome and in doing so harm our reputation.We say on our website that:

The NCP members strengthen each other by sharing skills and IP. We strengthen our clients' business with smart strategies + implementation support.

I live and breathe that for and with my network associates and my clients. And so do they. I know that from over 10 years of experience with some of the people of this group. That strengthens everybody’s relations and hence everybody’s outcomes. Including potentially yours if you are reading this as a prospective member or as a prospective client of one of our members.Isn’t that what we all want? You too?

Heiner Karst

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